Nail Extensions


Nail extensions are applied to lengthen your nails and the tips can be done in a variety of colours and glitters including French (white tips). Another popular choice is to have a set of natural nail extensions done, and have a full colour or glitter painted over it.

Acrylic nail extensions should be filled or removed after about 3 weeks. Not doing so, can cause damage to your nails.

Full Set (White/Colour Tips)  €58

Full Set (Natural look) €50

Overlay on Natural Nails €50

Refills(without colour) €45

Refills(with colour) €52

Refills(with French/ Ombre) €57

(Refills are needed when the extension has grown so much that the natural nail is visible behind the French/coloured tip. 80% of the product is filed off, the nail is shortened and product is reapplied.)

Removal of extensions €24

Nail Art From €2 per nail